Supporting K20 Innovative Educators (S.K.I.E) Award 2017

Applications for this year's Supporting K20 Innovative Educators (S.K.I.E) Award are due June 16, 2017. To learn more about the award and get started with your application, follow the link below:

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28 Feb

In Honor of Dr. Jean Cate

Dr. Cate is retiring after 45+ years as a distinguished educator. During this time, she served in a variety of roles and in each role; she exce…

Testimonials / What People Are Saying About The K20 Center

  • We need to ‘unlearn’ the way we teach. Everything around us has changed-the world, our children-we need to ‘re-learn’ how to teach more authentically in order to keep up with the change around us.
    Tara Bassett-Taft
  • OU students can now apply to give the TALK OF THEIR LIFE at TEDxOU 2013. Learn more and apply: #k20center
    Nicole Shobert
  • Quentin got an awesome promotional poster for the Bigfoot Festival on our Haworth Common Core trip! #edchat #k20center
    Josh Flores
  • Cool web site with pictures that can be used to pose questions in the classroom. CHECK IT OUT! #k20center #edchat
    Nicole Shobert