Touchstone Energy Cooperatives SKIE Award


Touchstone Energy Cooperatives and the K20 Center are seeking applications from innovative Oklahoma educators for the SKIE(Supporting K20 Innovative Educators) Award.


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Award winners will be recognized at the K20 Innovative Learning Institute (ILI) 

Teachers or groups of educators who use technology to transform their classroom instruction should apply for the Touchstone Energy Supporting K20 Innovative Educators (SKIE) Award.
Made possible by a $90,000 donation from Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, the SKIE award will honor six regional winners with $500 grants and one statewide winner with an individual $1,500 award, and the state winner's school will receive a $1,000 cash award. The statewide winner will be announced at the annual K20 Innovative Learning Institute.

To be considered for the SKIE Award, teachers—or a team of educators working collaboratively and willing to be considered as a team—must:

  • Possess a record of outstanding application/integration of the K20 Center IDEALS;
  • Demonstrate excellence in teaching and the use of technology
  • Demonstrate instruction that is both engaging and effective for students

For more information on the application process contact Sharon Dean,


Supporting Evidence

Applicants should submit supporting evidence that demonstrates their innovative teaching which engages students and integrates technology.

Evidence may include images, videos, or other multimedia artifacts in a PowerPoint, Prezi, or other media presentation format which can be reviewed in less than three minutes.

Any adult or student featured in your evidence must complete a signed talent release. If selected as a Regional Winner, you must provide talent release(s) to the K20 Center (Sharon Dean,

Applicants may submit their evidence by submitting a zip file to our web site via the link below, or by sharing a folder with via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Applicants who are applying as a team should compress their supporting evidence into a single ZIP file, or nest their files within the same shared folder before submitting.

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Example supporting evidence from the 2015 SKIE Award winner, William Higgins: