Oklahoma’s Electric Cooperatives and the K20 Center
are seeking applications from innovative Oklahoma educators for the
SKIE(Supporting K20 Innovative Educators) Award.

The 2024 SKIE Award Nominations are due March 15th and Applications are due May 24th, 2024

About the SKIE Awards

Award winners will be recognized at the K20 Innovative Learning Institute (ILI)

This award celebrates educators or teams of educators across the state who have demonstrated the ability to link student learning with the innovative use of technology and the K20 IDEALS (https://k20center.ou.edu/about/ideals).  Five regional awardees will be honored at the K20 Innovative Learning Institute (ILI) in the Fall of 2024.  Each regional awardee or team will receive a personal check of $1,000.

View highlights from our previous awardees below. Or click here to see the full playlist on YouTube.

To be considered for the SKIE Award, teachers—or a team of educators working collaboratively and willing to be considered as a team—must:

  • Possess a record of outstanding application/integration of the K20 Center IDEALS
  • Demonstrate excellence in teaching and the use of technology
  • Demonstrate instruction that is both engaging and effective for students

How to Apply

Following this checklist will help you submit a quality application

  • Watch model videos from past applicants to get ideas
  • Read through the entire application guide to get familiar with the questions you will need to answer
  • Choose a lesson/unit/project example from your classroom to discuss and exhibit how you employ the K20 IDEALS (inquiry, discourse, equity, authenticity, leadership, and student-centered learning climate)
  • Type your responses to the questions in the application guide document
  • Find or take a photo of yourself to attach to your application
  • Paste your responses from this document into the application and hit submit
  • Choose a day to record your video responses. One of your two videos should show off your classroom and students engaged in learning. The other can be you reflecting on your practice.
  • Access the Flip thread and post your videos.
  • Make a copy of the SKIE Application Guide Doc

Submit a Supporting Evidence Video

The video evidence will be submitted through flipgrid. This part of the application will be easier to complete with a phone or tablet. You don’t need the flipgrid application to make it work, it should work well from a web browser. You will submit to two video prompts on the provided flipgrid board. Under each prompt below you will find a link to the board. After clicking the link you will be prompted to sign in with your email address. Once signed in you will see the prompt at the top of the page and a blue button that reads “Add Response.” Click it to begin your recording. You will be able to record as many times as you want before accepting a draft to submit. Don’t worry too much about making it a big production. We just want to hear you talk about your approach to teaching and see your students in action. All videos will remain visible to only you and the application committee.

Prompt 1: Show us your classroom and tell us about your approach to teaching

Prompt 2: Demonstrate how you support your students in taking responsibility for their own learning using technology as a tool

For technical support accessing the flipgrid, contact Dewey Hulsey, dewey@ou.edu.

Additional Resources

For more information on the application process contact Tracy McCarty, tmccarty@ou.edu.

Want to Nominate an Outstanding Educator?

You can win too! If your nominee is awarded you will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

A nomination is not required to apply for the SKIE Awards. However, you can encourage an outstanding educator to apply by filling out a nomination form. The nomination form will send a notification to the teacher and their principal of their nomination with instructions for how to apply. In addition to self-nominations, electric cooperative members across the state will be encouraged to nominate a deserving educator or team of educators with outstanding community engagement.

Nominate an educator