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  • We need to ‘unlearn’ the way we teach. Everything around us has changed-the world, our children-we need to ‘re-learn’ how to teach more authentically in order to keep up with the change around us.
    Tara Bassett-Taft
  • OU students can now apply to give the TALK OF THEIR LIFE at TEDxOU 2013. Learn more and apply: http://bit.ly/talkofmylife #k20center
    Nicole Shobert
  • Quentin got an awesome promotional poster for the Bigfoot Festival on our Haworth Common Core trip! #edchat #k20center http://ow.ly/i/Ydrm
    Josh Flores
  • Cool web site with pictures that can be used to pose questions in the classroom. CHECK IT OUT! http://www.101qs.com/ #k20center #edchat
    Nicole Shobert