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Desmos Classroom Activities


Desmos Classroom activities are engaging and interactive digital activities designed to enhance student learning. Teachers use an activity’s “Teacher Dashboard” to monitor students’ work and progress as students progress through the activity.

How Does It Work?

Select a provided link to access the activity page for an existing activity, or go to teacher.desmos.com to create your own activity.

  1. Navigate to the provided link or to teacher.desmos.com.
  2. Find or create an activity, and then create a single session code.
  3. Share the session code with your students.
  4. Direct students to go to student.desmos.com and enter the session code.

Several K20 LEARN lessons provide teachers with a Desmos Classroom activity designed by the lesson’s author.

Using Desmos Classroom Activities with K20 Lessons

Multimodality Lessons

The K20 Center hosts LEARN, an online repository of lessons, instructional strategies, professional development activities, and more. Several lessons provide multimodality options for face-to-face, online, or hybrid learning environments. Multiple modality lessons are marked with a red “Multimodality” tag.

Within these types of lessons, the modality options are listed under Instructional Formats. Several math lessons with online components provide a customized Desmos Classroom activity specific to that lesson.

LEARN website displaying 4 cards
LEARN Multimodality Lessons

A Math Lesson Example

View an example of a multimodality lesson that includes a Desmos Classroom activity.

  1. Select the lesson titled My Imaginary Friend, Part 1: Understanding and Simplifying Imaginary Numbers.
  2. Below the Snapshot section, select “Hybrid” from the Instructional Formats options.
  3. Review the Desmos Classroom Activity Preparation Teacher’s Note.
  4. Select My Imaginary Friend, Part 1: Synchronous and follow the instructions provided.
LEARN lesson, Instructional Formats section
Instructional Formats section of a math lesson, Hybrid is selected.