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Desmos is a web-based software application that provides free access to graphing calculators through Desmos Studio and digital math activities, like Card Sorts, through Desmos Classroom. Desmos also has math curricula available for a fee. Refer to the Desmos website for pricing.

Major Features

  • Desmos Classroom Activities: These are math-notation-friendly digital activities. However, they can be used for any discipline.
  • Desmos Studio Graphing Calculator: This is a free digital graphing calculator and could be helpful with economics, science, math, or other lessons.
  • Polygraphs: Similar to the games Guess Who or 20 Questions, polygraphs encourage students to strengthen their academic vocabulary. They function in the same way as a stand-alone Desmos Classroom activity.
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Desmos Classroom Activities

Create custom activities or use an activity that has already been created.

Desmos Management

Learn how to create an account, sign in, monitor students, organize activities, and much more.

Graphing Calculator

Help students visualize their learning. Use Desmos Studio's free graphing calculator to graph functions, plot points, or visualize equations.


Engage students with game-based learning using Polygraphs.

K20 LEARN Lessons

The K20 LEARN repository hosts several lessons designed to integrate Desmos in the classroom. Several lessons provide multimodality options for face-to-face, online, or hybrid learning environments. Other lessons include Desmos stand-alone activities. Explore some sample lessons below.