Sustainability & Lighting

From the supporting literature, there are benefits of: 1. Shades, adjustable blinds, high- efficiency electric lighting, lighting fixtures, and day lighting on designing sustainable school buildings. 2. LED and fluorescent lighting on energy performance.

Sustainability & Acoustic

From the supporting literature, 1. Schools should be located away from noisy and congested neighborhood. 2. Using natural materials in building construction and discourage the use of synthetic materials. Encourage the use of sound absorbance materials in construction.

Sustainability & Thermal Comfort

From the supporting literature, 1. Using HVAC systems regarding occupants comfort and energy saving in buildings. 2. Some parts of the literature is not consistent with previous findings and explains there is no correlation could be found between the characteristics of the buildings and their heating consumption.

Sustainability & Interior Design

From the supporting literature, a flexible design is a cost-effective solution that is also an effective pedagogical space.

Sustainability Extra Features

From the supporting literature, for having a green school buildings; 1. Installing bike racks for the building and providing a shower room 2. Providing shade or putting cover under a minimum 75% of the parking spaces 3. Using low flow fixtures to help reduce water consumption. 4. Participate in Enhanced Commissioning and demand response programs to minimize energy and water consumption.