The K20 Center for Educational and Community Renewal

is a statewide education research and development center which promotes innovative learning through school-university-community collaboration.

Our mission is to cultivate a collaborative network engaged in research and outreach that creates and sustains innovation and transformation through leadership development, shared learning, and authentic technology integration.

The K20 Center’s IDEALS framework sets the stage for the ten research-based practices linked directly to high student achievement. IDEALS is an acronym for Inquiry, Discourse, Equity, Authenticity, Leadership, and Service.

K20 Center uses five interrelated phases to transform conventional schools into high-achieving, interactive learning communities:

Phase I – Leaders Learning: Develops principals and superintendents to lead systemic change and technology integration in their schools and districts.

Phase II – Whole-School Learning: Supports Phase I leaders by focusing on teachers, parents, and community leaders empowerment in creating technology-rich learning communities designed to enhance student success.

Phase III – Teacher Learning: Creates in-depth authentic research and learning experiences for teachers in content areas

Phase IV – Student Learning: Creates innovative learning strategies, such as Digital Game-Based Learning, to encourage students to be involved in their own learning.

Phase V – University Learning: Creates connections, preparedness, and learning strategies that encourage student college success.