The Life Cycle of a K20 Learning Experience

As continual learners, we use iteration to promote constant revision and improvement. We keep our process Agile and get the input of all stakeholders early and often, which leads to more productive collaboration, greater efficiency, and better learning outcomes. For us, feedback isn’t something to be collected at the end and put on a shelf. We gather it throughout the project using the data to close loops, make corrections, update, and move forward with an improved version. We embrace feedback and use it to create an end product that honors your ideas and vision from planning, to design, to development, to implementation.

Many of our decisions are based on data. We know that yours are too. We understand the importance of accurate, high-quality data and are committed to helping you incorporate it into all of your choices. If you need facts checked or peer-reviewed research compiled, we’ll provide resources you can trust. Like you, we are designers, builders, and thinkers and all of our outcomes are only good as the data that informs them.


We are here for you. We’ll help guide your project across multiple teams and varied stakeholders. We can manage the timelines and deadlines, revisions and decisions, and make sure your brilliant plans keep moving toward the finish line.