Emily Ray

GEAR UP for the PROMISE Site Facilitator

Emily  Ray

"I believe the K20 Center is important to stakeholders because the work we do is valuable and necessary.  Meaningful change doesn't happen without dedicated individuals who believe their work can actually provide that change, and I believe that's what we try to accomplish day in and day out."

About Emily Ray

For the past year, Emily Ray has worked with the K20 Center as a GEAR UP for the PROMISE site facilitator. Ray works with Centennial Mid-High School faculty as well as cohort students and their families to make sure they have every opportunity to engage in the services the grant provides.

Ray was born and raised in Oklahoma City, graduated through Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) system, and before joining GEAR UP for the PROMISE, Ray taught English for five years at Taft Middle School in Oklahoma City. The success of her hometown and its school system are dear to her heart. Ray enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her two dogs. She loves to both watch and play sports and travels when she is able.

Skills & Expertise

OSU, Stillwater, OK         B.S.        Elementary Education

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