Barbara Dozier

GEAR UP for the PROMISE Site Facilitator

Barbara  Dozier

“My favorite aspects of the K20 Center are that it offers expert research and training and it provides support and state-of-the art resources for all the stakeholders within the program.”

About Barbara Dozier

Barbara Dozier is the site facilitator for John Marshall Enterprise School. Though she has been with the K20 Center for the past three years, Dozier has served Oklahoma City Public Schools since 1996. Dozier collaborates with other site facilitators as well as the K20 Center to plan, coordinate, and implement services to promote college and career readiness for the Classes of 2017 and 2018.

Dozier understands that education is a key component in helping better people lives and believes that she has been called to encourage and enable children to succeed. Outside of the K20 Center, Dozier serves the community through Open Gate Ministries, working closely with her husband of 25 years, James. Together, they have three children and one granddaughter. In her spare time, she likes to shop, travel, and play basketball with the National Senior Games Association.

Skills & Expertise

Christian Life School of Theology Global, Columbus, GA                 D.S.S.                    Theology

OU, Norman, OK                                                                                              M.Ed.                    Instructional Leadership

OSU, Stillwater, OK                                                                                         B.S.                        Business Administration, Accounting

Barbara 's Program Affiliations