Adriana Knight

GEAR UP for the PROMISE Site Facilitator

Adriana  Knight

“I’m excited to be working with the K20 Center because it involves all stakeholders in the development and college readiness of students. As a first generation college student from Oklahoma City, I know how powerful this program can be!”

About Adriana Knight

As a site facilitator for GEAR UP for the PROMISE, Adriana Knight provides high-quality services for students and their families in addition to supporting the school staff in the use of technology and content to realize their objectives. A first generation college graduate herself, Knight is excited to be serving her first year at the K20 Center and hopes to help other students become the first in their families to earn college degrees as well.

In Knight’s spare time, the Spencer, Oklahoma, native enjoys traveling, reading Christian-based books, and spending time with her family and friends. 

Skills & Expertise

OU, Norman, OK              M.Ed. anticipated 2015                  Educational Administration, Curriculum and Supervision

OU, Norman, OK              B.A.                                                        Journalism


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