Will Thompson

DGBL Instructional Game Designer

Will Thompson

“The K20 Center is a unique institution.”

About Will Thompson

As the senior instructional game designer, Will Thompson has worked tirelessly for the past four years to merge the exciting world of video games with the not-so-exciting world of education. In an effort to save the world from boring classes and ineffective assignments, Thompson writes learning objectives, translates those objectives into game mechanics, and develops content to teach those objectives in an effective and engaging manner on behalf of the K20 Center.

Thompson was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Oklahoma. He is married to the beautiful and mysterious Mandy Thompson. In his spare time, he works tirelessly to defeat the forces of evil while enjoying exotic cuisine and exploring the world.

Skills & Expertise

OU, Norman, OK              M.Ed.    Instructional Psychology and Technology, focus in Instructional Design 

OU, Norman, OK     B.A. 2005                  Film Studies/Linguistics

Will's Program Affiliations