Stacy Harris

K20 GEAR UP for the PROMISE Mentoring Coordinator

Stacy Harris

“My favorite aspect of the K20 Center is the focus on bringing innovative educational technologies and opportunities to Oklahoma schools with integrity and equity.”

About Stacy Harris

Harris serves the K20 PROMISE grant by providing opportunities for PROMISE students to have a productive and fun mentoring experience. Harris trains community members to be positive role models and thereby expose youth to new experiences and people from various walks of life. Through mentoring, Harris works to foster confidence and self-esteem, as well as encourage educational, emotional, and social growth.

In her free time, Harris enjoys spending time with her husband, Derrick, dancing with Mystical Hips, and working with the Junior League of Norman.

Skills & Expertise

OU, Norman, OK                 B.A. 1998                  Psychology

Stacy's Program Affiliations