Sharon Wilbur

Associate Director, C3 & K20 ALT

Sharon Wilbur

 “I love being part of the K20 Center because of its ongoing impact on public school administrators, teachers, students, and communities across the state of Oklahoma.”

About Sharon Wilbur

Dr. Wilbur serves the K20 Center as director of the Leadership Program and overall supervisor of C3 and K20ALT. Wilbur also serves as Primary Investigator and co-Primary Investigator on several of the Center’s grants.

A product of Oklahoma public schools, Dr. Wilbur credits her success to the preparation she received from them as well as the support of her family and church community. She is most proud of her participation in the education of thousands of students, some of whom stop her in local home-town businesses to thank her. Wilbur loves spending time with her husband, three children and seven grandchildren.

Skills & Expertise

SWOSU, Weatherford, OK                        B.A.
SWOSU, Weatherford, OK                        M.Ed.             Secondary & Elementary Education
OU, Norman, OK                 Ph.D.              Educational Administration, Curriculum and Supervision

Sharon's Program Affiliations