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eKadence: Create an Account and Enroll in a Course

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to create an eKadence account and enroll in an online K20 Center course. The following steps are meant to guide you through the account creation and course enrollment process if you have been provided a course enrollment link. If you already have an eKadence account, you will need to follow the steps in the Sign in and Enroll With a Course Code guide.

Step 1

Select the course enrollment link provided by K20. Generally, the enrollment links are provided via email.

Please note the accompanying image is provided only as an example. 

email with an ekadence enrollment link highlighted

Step 2

Select Register New Account

Note: Each course enrollment link is unique to that course. 

Existing Users login button and New Users: register new account b utton

Step 3

Complete the “Student portal sign up” form, then select the Create account button. 

Be sure to sign up with your school email.

completed student portal sign up form

Step 4

Navigate to the eKadence login page at k20.ekadence.com.


eKadence login page

Step 5

Select the appropriate option. If you are a teacher or administrator, select Learners.

ekadence login screen, learners is highlighted

Step 6

Select either Sign in with Google or Login with Magic Link.

Please note many schools have IT access restricted. If Sign in with Google results in an error message, try Login with Magic Link.

Step 7: Sign in with Google

Select or enter the appropriate Google email address and password.

As a first-time user you may be asked to confirm eKadence is allowed to access your account. Select “Yes” or “Confirm” for each prompt until you reach the eKadence dashboard.

Please note neither eKadence nor K20 will ever sell your information.

a Google account is selected.

Step 7: Login with Magic Link

Enter your email address and select Send Magic Link.

An email has been entered into the empty field

Step 8: Login with Magic Link

Check your email.

An email will be sent to the address you provided. The subject line will be “K20 Center – The University of Oklahoma – Login.”

Magic Link email

Step 9: Login with Magic Link

Choose one of the following options

  • Select the Log in to eKadence button, or
  • Enter the magic code in the spaces provided on the login screen
Both options will log you in immediately.
Enter Magic Code