The K20 Center’s IDEALS framework sets the stage for the ten research-based practices linked directly to high student achievement. IDEALS is an acronym for Inquiry, Discourse, Equity, Authenticity, Leadership, and Service.

INQUIRY is the critical study of our practice by gathering and considering data, new knowledge and other’s perspectives. The primary purpose of inquiry is the improvement of our individual practice and our school’s practice.

DISCOURSE refers to conversations, discussions and debates focused on teaching and learning issues. Discourse nurtures professional growth, builds relationships, results in more informed practice and improves student achievement.

EQUITY refers to seeking fair and just practices both within and outside the school.

AUTHENTICITY (AUTHENTIC ACHIEVEMENT) refers to learning that is genuine and connected rather than something that is fake and fragmented. Teachers who practice authenticity help students connect learning to life.

LEADERSHIP (SHARED LEADERSHIP) in schools is the development of shared understandings that lead to a common focus and improve the school experience for all members of the school community.

SERVICE refers to the belief that making a difference in the lives of children and families requires serving the needs of the community as well as the school.