MYOB Engages Students In Financial Literacy

The University of Oklahoma K20 Center’s Mind Your Own Budget (MYOB) digital game was launched at Norman High School, a GEAR UP for SUCCESS grant school, during the fall 2013 semester, and received a very positive response from students whose instructors implemented the game.

“The students were highly engaged,” said Norman Public Schools Social Studies Coordinator Jane Purcell. “One of the other programs they’d looked at was dry - very step by step – and [MYOB] required careful problem solving and thinking on their own. I saw them thinking hard about it; they enjoyed how challenging it was and enjoyed the game aspect.”


Norman Public Schools opted to make MYOB a part of Norman and Norman North High Schools’ financial literacy course.  The state of Oklahoma requires that high school students receive instruction covering 14 personal financial literacy standards as a graduation requirement.  Students who complete MYOB will have fulfilled the state requirements.

“Other material for financial literacy is more a series of stand-alone modules, the students really loved that MYOB integrated multiple principles for them to think about simultaneously,” Purcell said.

SUCCESS Phase II Coordinator Liz Hecox acted as a liaison to Norman High School, and is currently working on bringing MYOB to other SUCCESS grant schools.

“When I was going through feedback data from Innovative Learning Institute 2013, I saw that the session on MYOB received a very positive response from teachers and currently a lot of other schools are interested,” Hecox said.


Teachers are able to monitor their students’ progress through the game; and students can access MYOB from any computer, not just those at their schools.

“The unifying factor of using multiple principles at once in a game is MYOB’s biggest strength, but its versatility and monitoring capacity are a huge bonus as well. I had several students express the desire to play this game at home outside class,” Purcell said. “One of our more tech phobic teachers has been won over by his students’ enthusiasm to play the game.”


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