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About K20 C3

The K20 C3 team travels the state leading teachers through the transition to the Oklahoma Academic Standards. Through virtual and on-site sessions, teachers explore the underpinnings, history, and overview of the Oklahoma Academic Standards. Also, we guide teachers to consider its implications for authentic teaching, learning, and assessments. Participants experience Oklahoma Academic Standards in the classroom through a series of example lessons and recorded classroom observations. Teachers learn numerous tools and strategies to upgrade their current instructional practices to match the Oklahoma Academic Standards. With an understanding of the importance of the new standards and a variety of instructional tools, teachers update existing lessons to coincide with Oklahoma Academic or C3 standards and begin to design lessons completely. Sample lessons may be found and downloaded at

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October 2, 2013 elementary
October 3, 2013 secondary
March 6, 2013 elementary
March 7, secondary

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The K20 C3 leader workshops provide school administrators with the knowledge and resources to make meaningful connections between the revised Oklahoma Academic Standards and the state’s teacher evaluation models, bringing greater coherence and understanding to both.​

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K20 C3 provides professional development to educators across the state to assist in planning lessons for the new Oklahoma Academic or C3 standards and provides lessons and ongoing technical assistance through its virtual professional learning community.

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