The K20 Center SRI is designed to assist K-12 schools in providing improved opportunities for integrated science learning focused on the 3-dimensional framework of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science (OAS-S). The SRI engages teams of teachers in a year-long professional learning opportunity that utilizes authentic, meaningful STEM experiences to support school vision for integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM Learning Teams form a leadership core that guides the school in creating STEM learning communities focused on student engagement and achievement in science and mathematics through the integration of the STEM disciplines.

“STEM teaching is more effective and student achievement increases when teachers join forces to develop strong professional learning communities in their schools.” (Fulton & Britton, 2011)

The K20 Center provides quality professional development (PD) that has been shown to increase student achievement in science. Recent program data show that on average students of teachers participating in K20 STEM programs scored higher than the state average on the 2017 statewide science assessment.

The K20 Center SRI provides a total of 8.5 days (over 50 hours) of STEM professional development over the course of one school year. This includes a summer workshop for the STEM Learning Team, a whole-staff introduction to STEM integration, and onsite support for the STEM Team throughout the year.

Participants | Any Oklahoma elementary or secondary school and/or district may register a team of up to six teachers for the summer workshop and the 1-year SRI. These teachers should represent multiple grade levels since they will form the STEM Learning Team for the participating school.

Cost | The fee for the SRI is $15,000. This includes all PD sessions in the scope and sequence.

Looking for ways to support the SRI? A review of funding criteria shows that Title I, II, and IV.A funds can be used to support school improvement plans, professional development planning, and opportunities for improved science learning for all students, which are core components of the SRI.

Contact | For questions or additional information, please contact Linda Atkinson or Janis Slater at the K20 Center.

Dr. Linda Atkinson, Director of STEM Partnerships     
(405) 325-4420 |

Dr. Janis Slater, K20 Center Science Coordinator
(405) 325-1938 |


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