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Game based learning provides authentic learning experiences, adaptive instruction, and immediate feedback - a recipe for effective, engaging learning. Empirical evidence has shown K20 games to be more effective than traditional learning tools in terms of learning and engagement.*


*When compared with video- or lecture-based instruction. Based on controlled trials with high school and college students, performed by the K20 Center at the University of Oklahoma.


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K20 games are a fun, engaging addition to your classroom. Our games are available on a variety of devices through an easy-to-use web portal. These games range from one-hour classroom lessons to entire curriculum and they are all available at no cost to schools.

K20 games have been played over 24,000 hours by over 7000 students. Our games feature rich graphics, immersive narrative, adaptive feedback and empirically validated instructional strategies. Each K20 game undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it creates an engaging experience for students and leads to improved learning outcomes.



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Advance U:
The Talent Machine

Silver, 2017


Paper Trail

Bronze, 2017

Deadly Distribution

Third Place overall, 2016

Best Game web-based, 2016

Mission Prime
Top-Five Paper, 2014


Best Serious Game
business, 2013

Best Serious Game
special emphasis, 2013