NSELA Awards Dr. Linda Atkinson Outstanding Administrative Support Award

Congratulation Linda Atkinson

The National Science Education Leadership Association has awarded the K20 Center's Dr. Linda Atkinson the Outstanding Administrative Support Award.

This prestigious award recognizes and honors an outstanding administrator who, through their professional work, has demonstrated exemplary support for science education at the school, district, and/or county level. This award honors an administrator whose primary responsibility is outside the area of science instruction.

The award is presented at the NSELA luncheon held at the annual NSELA Professional Development Institute.

Linda Cole Atkinson is an incredible leader who has provided exemplary administrative science and STEM support locally, state-wide, and nationally. For the past 12 years at the University of Oklahoma, she has been in an administrative capacity to support and advocate for science and STEM education. Dr. Atkinson has used her strong science background to seek funding for projects to assist schools and to sustain the progress made in science education in Oklahoma. Her focus provides systemic support for all stakeholders involved in improving science education.

Prior to her work at the university, Linda taught high school chemistry and eighth grade science, worked as an assistant principal at two schools, and was the science curriculum director for Norman Public Schools. Over forty years of work in different roles, she continually inspires other educators. In one of her support letters, the writer states “Linda is a gifted leader. Her calm, measured approach to leadership involves empowering others to do their best work to make great things happen. She is a master of encouragement and makes each person who works for her feel important.”