K20 Center Wins in International Games Competition

The K20 Center’s statistics game, Deadly Distribution, won third place overall in the Fourth International Educational Games Competition held October 6-7 in Paisley, Scotland. The competition took place during The 10th European Conference on Games Based Learning (ECGBL), where the K20 Center also presented a paper.


Lead software developer Ryan Ralston, PhD, lead instructional game designer Will Thompson, MEd, and associate director of innovative technologies Scott Wilson, PhD, presented on behalf of the K20 Center. It was the center’s first time at the conference.

“We showed Deadly Distribution and MYOB (Mind Your Own Budget: The Apartment),” Ralston said in an email, “but Deadly Distribution was much more popular with the other conference attendees.”

Judges evaluated games for their “learning, assessment, usability, game play, socio-cultural aspects, administration tools as well as criteria specific to the type of game submitted,” according to the ECGBL website.

The competition consisted of three rounds: a preliminary round in which the judges had a chance to play the game, a 15-minute presentation to a two-judge panel and, finally, a demonstration booth open to all conference attendees, according to Ralston.

“I think people enjoyed the theme of Deadly Distribution and liked that it could be used in statistics courses in any department,” Thompson said in an email. “They also liked that both games involved authentic applications of the relevant skills.”

Deadly Distribution was one of 26 games representing 11 countries at the event, according to the ECGBL website, and shares the award for third with Canadian game, Discovery Agents by Mary Clark and Loren Kuich.