K20 Scholars

Who We Are

The K20 Scholars program provides financial and academic support to high school graduates from the K20 Center’s network schools who are entering the University of Oklahoma to pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The program provides four-year scholarships and a laptop computer for each student. The K20 Scholar community is built through monthly meetings and social events, allowing each scholar to network and receive support from other STEM majors. Additionally, K20 Scholars receive additional money to design and implement a Centerpiece Renewal Project in their hometown. K20 Scholar funders include BP and individual donors. 

 “Educating the whole student goes beyond books and research. By addressing the social, economic and political concerns of their local and immediate communities, student learning becomes connected and meaningful." 



“I wanted to thank your staff for our STEM visit to the University of Oklahoma.  Our students enjoyed their day on campus and I believe they were greatly inspired.  We have numerous students that have no opportunity to visit a campus and this was such a wonderful experience for our students”

- Barbie Stover | Mangum Public Schools


What We Do

MEETINGS: Scholars typically meet as a group 4-5 times each semester at the K20 Center. These meetings include visits from the BP Representatives who are funding the program, study sessions, support for Centerpiece Renewal Projects, and beginning and end of year social events.

  • VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Scholars are required to complete 12 hours of community service per semester. Typical volunteer opportunities include the National Weather Festival, the K20 Center’s Innovative Learning Institute, and GEAR-UP campus visits at OU. Scholars are encouraged to complete their hours in a STEM-related setting.
  • CENTERPIECE RENEWAL PROJECTS: K20 Scholars begin to conceptualize their projects during their freshman and sophomore years, then implement them during their junior year. The Centerpiece Renewal Projects are designed to be sustainable, developing the community in which they are implemented. Additionally, many are aimed at encouraging K-12 students to consider careers in STEM fields.

For more information about past CRPs, click one of the images below. 

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Why We Do It


  • Promoting Scholar Success
  • Supporting Scholars in their Pursuit of a STEM Degree and Major
  • Promoting the Pursuit of Higher Education among K-12 Students’
  • Cultivating a Positive Relationship between Scholars and Funders