Quentin Biddy

Secondary Science Coordinator

Quentin Biddy

“My favorite aspect of working at the K20 Center is seeing how teacher’s classroom practices and beliefs are impacted by what we do. In turn we are able to see the positive impact on student learning and success.”

About Quentin Biddy

Quentin Biddy develops and delivers professional development (specializing in science curriculum) to aid Oklahoma teachers with implementing the Oklahoma Academic Standards. Biddy also develops science lessons aligned to the OAS for the K20ALT website, accessible to any Oklahoma teachers.

Originally from Warren, OK, Biddy now lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, Stacey, and their son, Nickolas. They enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and rock climbing. Biddy also enjoys reading and playing acoustic guitar and bass.

Skills & Expertise

OU, Norman, OK                 M.Ed. 2014              Science Education
OU, Norman, OK                 B.S. 2006                  Science Education

Quentin's Program Affiliations