Nicki Watkins, Ph.D.

OETT Co-Director

Nicki Watkins

“My favorite aspect of the K20 Center is the opportunity to learn new things every day.  There is always something new happening here and there is always an opportunity to learn from each other or from the latest research.  I am happiest when I am learning something new and can be inspired to create something new for classroom use.”

About Nicki Watkins

Dr. Watkins serves the K20 Oklahoma Education Technology Trust Co-Director, overseeing day-to-day operations of the program, developing OETT professional development sessions, technology demonstrations , and classroom technology integration sessions for Leadership seminars. In her free time, Dr. Watkins enjoys spending time with her son, Zane, shopping, reading, being outdoors and “techy stuff”.

Skills & Expertise

OU, Norman, OK                 Ph.D. 2013               Educational Administration
OU, Norman, OK                 M.Ed. 2008              Instructional Design
ECU, Ada, OK                       B.S.    1998                           Elementary Education

Nicki's Program Affiliations