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Me&E is a game designed to teach students about the energy creation process through the various roles people play in oil excavation from start to finish. The player will take on four of the pivotal roles to the oil excavation process: petroleum engineer, drilling engineer, geologist, and landman. Each role will require the player to use critical and mathematical reasoning to produce the best results and impress the bosses back at the head office.  Make the right decisions and you will quickly climb the corporate ladder. Make the wrong decisions and you might find yourself working in a remote office in rural Oklahoma.  Me & E was designed to give players an in-depth view of energy exploration and the drilling process in an authentic environment that requires them to apply critical thinking skills and mathematical reasoning to solve problems.

Oklahoma Academic Standards content:

  • Algebra I – Ratios
  • Algebra I – Equations in Two Variables
  • Algebra I – Systems of Equations
  • Geometry Area

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