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McLarin’s Adventure is a multiplayer online game set in a survival story scenario.  Through a series of tasks, student teams can work together to apply math, bioscience, geography and geology to maneuver through the game.  Students are equipped with an array of tools that would be found in a scientist’s backpack.  While the students are using science skills to advance their avatars through the game, teachers can track progress online and see what subject areas need further instruction.  Accessibility and mobility were key to playing McLarin’s Adventures.  Funded by a three year U.S. Department of Education STAR schools grant, the K20 Center provided ultra mobile personal computers for each student in participating schools.  The UMPCs served as instructional devices similar to a laptop or workstation.

PASS objective alignment:

  • Algebraic Reasoning/Operations
  • Measurement
  • Systematic Observations
  • Construct Models
  • Communication
  • Logical Reasoning

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