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About the game

Students are in charge as they help their character “get a life” in this 10-15 minute, narrative-driven college and career readiness game. 

Get a Life is a playful way for students to learn about the cost of college, the education requirements of careers, how education can affect income, and how to deal with debt and other setbacks. 

Students start by picking their character’s career focus from 16 clusters and decide if their character will apply to school or skip it altogether. In college, student’s must maintain their character’s grades and wellbeing through the choices they make. Each level of education graduates into a different career, each with its own difficulties, challenges, and opportunities that students will have to navigate to help their character live a comfortable life. 

They need to watch out, though. Their choices don’t just affect the character’s income, savings, or direction in life. Choices can also add or subtract points from the character’s comfort and civic scores as an adult or from their comfort and grades in college. If any of these drop below 0, they’ll have to go back and try again. 

Once they successfully lead their character to retirement, they’ll get a look back at the life they created: the total income they made over their career, their ending level of comfort and their impact on society, and the amount of retirement funds they’ll have to live off of in the future. And when they’re done, they can start again with a new character, pick another interest (or the same one), try a different level of education, and check out another career option. 

With over 96 different careers to experience, Get a Life gives students the chance to learn about the jobs they’re interested in and discover jobs they’ve never heard of before. There’s always something new to encounter and somewhere new to end up because when students create their own stories, no two are the same.

  • College and Career Awareness
  • ICAP Aligned
  • Designed for 7-12 Graders
  • Increases College Preparedness
  • Engaging, Authentic Instruction
  • Cross-Platform Learning Tool

Gameplay information

Instructor's Resources

The K20 Center supports instructors who effectively integrate Get a Life into their classrooms by providing full implementation support, tiered technical support, and a handy Instructor’s Guide that will:

  • explain the gameplay mechanics,
  • give scenario overviews,
  • offer “quick strategies” for helping students develop their own gameplay styles,
  • and provide suggestions for classroom activities that can be used in conjunction with the game.

Download Instructor's Guide

In addition to integration support, the K20 Center’s GamePortal allows instructors to view each individual student’s progress and time on scenarios as well as success/failure indicators.

Upon completion of the game, students can print out their own certificates of completion that can be signed by the students’ principal. This certificate counts toward the completion of the Personal Financial Literacy Passport as mandated by Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Minimum Specifications


Operating System:System Memory:CPU:
Windows® 7/8/10 (64 bit) or MacOS X 10.5 or later 4 GB RAM Intel Dual Core 2.3 GHz to 2.69 GHz or equal
DirectX 9 compatible video card 1280 x 720 or higher Broadband Internet connection (at least 512 Kbps)
Hard Drive Space:Graphics Card:Graphics Memory
100MB free Hard disk space Nvidia 8000 Series (recommend NVIDIA 8800 or higher) or equal 512MB or more
Supported Browsers:
Mozilla Firefox & Chrome

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