About the game

Functions of the Machine builds an understanding of the purpose and nature of mathematical functions though scaffolded problems. The Edisla machines represent functions – having a covariational relationship between various mechanisms. By solving problems with these machines, the student builds a conceptual understanding of covariational, proportional, and graphical reasoning. Each problem is more complex than the last, allowing students to slowly build their understanding as they progress through the game.

You’ve been charged with a peculiar task: decipher the function of a strange machine designed by an eccentric inventor. As an innovator in the field of manufacturing, Nicole Edisla has left a warehouse full of her machines in the wake of her auspicious disappearance. The purpose of these machines is a mystery, but Edisla has left extensive notes. It is up to you to use her nots and an understanding of functions to get the machine up and running once more.

  • Covariational Reasoning
  • Proportional Reasoning
  • Graphical Reasoning
  • Process View of Functions
  • Engaging, Authentic Instruction
  • Full LMS Intergration

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