OETT Phase II: Whole School

2014 OETT Grant

You may now apply for the 2014 OETT Grant.

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About OETT Phase II: Whole School

The K20 Center Whole School Phase focuses on empowering teachers, parents, and community leaders by creating technology- enriched learning communities. These groups share a purpose to improve the quality of student learning, and help students connect this new knowledge to their community and society. Collaboration is a critical component of success, whether it is in the workforce or the classroom.

This includes professional development for the whole school, building leadership capacity through learning teams, integration of technology into authentic learning in all content areas, and developing collaborative learning communities.

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The grants require schools to develop a collaborative proposal to implement three of the ten practices of high achieving schools with a focus on the development of a professional learning community using technology integration to increase student achievement.

Awards for grant recipients include a maximum of $40,000 in technology equipment and staff release time, and $25,000 for year-long professional development through the K20 Center’s OK-ACTS program.Phase II, the OETT/OK-ACTS Grants to Schools program, deepens the work for whole school learning. Administrators who have successfully completed Phase I Leadership training are eligible to apply for OETT Grants to Schools.

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Official Grant Announcement @ Innovative Learning Institute

  • Grant Team Reviews March 27, 2014
  • Grants Committee Meeting May 1st, 2014
  • Recipient notification May 2014

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